After searching the Internet and looking at craft magazines I have come to realize there is no perfect way to wrap a gift. Martha Stewart suggests one way while another craft goddess suggests another. My advice-wrap how you want!

If you want to know how to wrap a basic present, I would check out this video from Real Simple. It’s straightforward and easy to follow. Click here for link!

For the more advanced present wrapper I would look at what the wonderful world of Pinterest has to offer. They have a whole page dedicated to gift wrapping ideas. Some of the ideas are just amazing! I wouldn’t even want to open the gift. Click here for the link!

I have always wondered how to make a fun and fancy bow. I have friends who create such lovely bows, but mine always seem to fall flat. I found this great article on Better Homes and Garden’s website that helped me create some beautiful bows. If you click on ‘learn more about this project’ it gives you detailed instructions on how to create the featured bow. Click here for link!

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